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Membership Dues

The 2024 election cycle is in full swing, and there are major challenges ahead: a Presidential election that could determine the fate of our democracy — and key local races. Your Membership Dues Are Needed.

The all-volunteer HDTC is ready to work to send Democrats to federal, state and county offices. But we can’t do it without you. Most of our work is funded by our dues-paying members, and we work diligently to make every dollar count. Your dues will help cover:

  • Communications fees including Zoom and email
  • Print and social media engagement to support candidates and local businesses
  • Printing, postage and other mailing expenses
  • Donations to state, local, and national candidates 
  • Social events such as our post carding happy hours and volunteer forums

HDTC programs are free and open to the public, and members are requested to pay nominal dues of $30 for members each year.

You can write a check payable to the Hudson Democratic Town Committee

We are ready for the big challenges ahead, and your support now is appreciated. Thank you for helping to make HDTC possible!