HDTC Hudson, Massachusetts

HDTC Hudson, Massachusetts -

Democratic Party

What is the Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party is a political organization which is comprised of united Stats Citizens who share the belief that all people are created equal, and that each person has a unique contribution to make in framing the public policy of the Town, City, State and the Nation in which we live.

The Party is built upon the principles of inclusion, regardless of income, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Ten Reasons to Vote Democrat:

  • We support a strong, respected America where we cherish our constitutional freedoms, value our allies, and forge international alliances to insure peace and security.
  • We support building and maintaining smarter, stronger military and intelligence agencies to defeat terrorism.
  • We support achieving energy independence with alternative renewable resources.
  • We support a fair and equitable economy where the middle class of America is strengthened and expanded; and where the poor can live in dignity.
  • We support strong tax reform to create jobs and we’ll fight for the American worker.
  • We support providing health care to all Americans, and access the same coverage that members of congress enjoy.
  • We support funding of education initiatives and making college more affordable.
  • We support protecting our environment and working globally to reduct the impact of global warming.
  • We believe in science and that it should deb divorced from ideology and political interests.
  • We support our nation’s tradition of equal justice under the law.